Kat & Max

Kat & Max was born out of a serious love of food and a desire to eat healthier (sometimes), spend less money on take out, and to expand our palettes & our skills in the kitchen.

This blog is all about documenting our culinary successes and disasters (because some of you will never believe us without proof), cocktails & curse words included, and all of the amazing adventures that come along with experimenting in the kitchen.


Meet Kathrynkathryn kat and max

Hey, I’m Kathryn a life and style (and now food) blogger residing in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I started my first blog, Coveting Life, as a creative outlet in 2013. I’m also the manager of a steel distributor (and Maxine’s big bad boss). Along with maintaining these spaces on the internet, I also own a successful etsy shop, Coveting Life Design, and I’m working with my cousin to build another etsy shop, Declan & Adelaide (we sell handmade accessories for your little loves).

When I’m not running a business (which it seems I always am), you can find me browsing my favourite stores (and their websites), catching up on my favourite television shows, or enjoying a bottle of beer (or two).

I have a vast collection of shoes and make up (much to the dismay of my husband, J.W.), and an obsession with home decor and real estate. Caramel macchiatos from Starbucks and Harbour Grounds give me life. I’m a total girly-girl, but I’ll never turn down a weekend of snowmobiling or camping.


Meet Maxine

maxine kat and max

Hey! I’m Maxine. Wife to T.K. and momma to our rambunctious son Teddy.

By day, I’m a steel sales rep, but by night (and weekend) I’m a second-generation kitchen dabbler (with a soft spot for baked goods) who needs a little help using the oven timer.

You can normally find me with a latte (yeah I’m fancy like that) in one hand and my iPhone in the other. When I’m not blogging (or napping) I’m normally filling up my online cart at Sephora, browsing Pinterest or reading other blogs.

I’m a recovering shopaholic with a passion for makeup, clothes and cute shoes. I’m a lover of all things SIFI , a sucker for a good book, and a bit of a girly-girl (who usually dresses head to toe in black) who’s idea of a good time is spending the evening around a campfire with my favourite people (cider in hand of course).






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