Lots of soup. Lots of perogies. Terrible cheesecake. And left over Christmas chocolate.



Water all damn day. We made a bit of a resolution to make healthier choices this year. The only one we’ve stayed truly committed to is drinking allll of the water. Its definitely made things interesting as we constantly seem to be racing each other to the office bathroom.


Listening Too

Kat – The radio has been turned off in my CRV lately. I’m not really sure why I did that.

Max – Spa sound tracks at work (keeps me calm). Does the litany of children shows that are constantly on count as a sound track??



Kat – Nashville, Blindspot, Chicago Fire (and PD &Med) and Conviction.

Max – Sister Wives, what ever Teddy is watching. I did how ever watch all of The Crown in 3 days (it was a weekend)



Kat – Who Moved My Cheese – Dr. Spencer Johnson. I’m not much for personal development books usually, but I’m trying to be better about educating myself. And I want to be a better boss. So here we are.

Max – Again its children related, good night moon etc. I haven’t had time to get in to a good book in a while, I was reading the Outlander series for a while but I put it down a while back and just haven’t picked it up. Its not for a lack of desire to get through the series, I just never seem to have time.



Kat – This waffle maker. I’m not sure why I feel the need to own one. But I do. (J.W., I promise to make you waffles at least once with it. I Swear.)

Max – Waffle makers are the BOMB J.W. I’m just a little jealous of my mother in law’s bender. My father in law gave her a Ninja for Christmas. I’d really like a set of copper pots and pans. All the copper things really (SO PRETTY).


Thinking About

Kat – The fact that I’ll be in Florida in like a month, and I need to lose weight. Fast. (The perogies probably aren’t helping).

Max – My fat ass is tired of squeezing in to clothes, Teddy is going to be going to school soon (I’m Freaking OUT) Hoping that the new year is def more prosperous than last.


What’s new with you?

Cheers, Kathryn & Maxine

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