Breaktfast at Work – Vol.1

Breakfast at work vol 1

I’m generally not a person who eats breakfast often. I know, I know, its has long been considered one of the most important meals of the day. But, given the choice of breakfast or an extra 15-20 minutes in bed, I’m choosing my cozy sheets every time.

Given the stressed importance of the first meal of the day I’ve lately been trying to do better about it. This of course doesn’t mean getting out of bed earlier, just finding things that I can take to work and eat at my desk.

Eating at work means that meals needs to be easy to eat and relatively low maintenance (keeping a toaster and hot plate under ones desk is frowned upon), it also has to be something that doesn’t make a mess or give me sticky fingers (nobody likes a report with jam on it), and be easily put aside when things get busy.

My favourite go-to currently is Greek yogurt topped with my favorite granola. Its far from gourmet dining, but its filling and always tastes great. It also has the added bonus of being something you can get ready the night before, and just grab & go in the morning. If you’re feeling wild  you can also throw in some fresh berries for some nutritional value and flavour.

Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein it also come in a wide variety of flavors . Its also a great meal and snack option for people like me who are trying to make healthier choices and shed those extra pounds put on at Christmas.  An added benefit is that all of that protein keeps you fuller longer. I know that for it to be truly healthy I should be choosing plain yogurt, but I just can’t take to the taste, so I go with vanilla. But if you want to stick to the plain you could always add a little touch of honey to cut through the bitterness.

Adding granola is a great way to get a little more fiber in you daily diet . Again, I go the slightly less healthy route and have Nature’s Valley Cranberry Almond.  There are lots of extra fiber choices available in the granola aisle and there are also organic options available as well so its easy to mix things up a little.

There are endless options available when it comes to making a meal out of yogurt and while I do REALLY enjoy yogurt and granola, I’m sure I’m going to get bored with eating it every day very quickly. I have given some consideration to making my own breakfast bars or even frozen breakfast sandwiches.


Is there anything that you make for breakfast that makes those early mornings a little more bearable? Besides coffee. Duh.

Cheers, Kathryn

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